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Click here to learn how to spot a scam. Types of accommodation scam at Scamwatch.

Respect and Safety
Disrespect, sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence are not tolerated at QUT

Accommodation providers

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The cost of adverts of affordable rental (weekly rent of $195 or less, all bills included, fully furnished) will be waived. Limited to ONE listing per provider.

All Terms & Conditions apply.

Welcome to QUT Accommodation Services

The QUT accommodation service provides students with:

  • information and advice on finding and securing accommodation
  • assistance if you have any problems arising from your accommodation.

QUT recommends that you make arrangements to stay before you arrive, If you are considering securing a room or a single apartment in a Student Complexes also known as Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA), it is recommended that you check out their website and their booking process. 

Once you are satisfied with their offers, you can book directly as Student Complexes are currently in demand.

Alternatively, if you are uncertain about where to stay. Please book temporary accommodation for 2 weeks when you first arrive in order to find a suitable longer-term accommodation.

Current deals for students

-- Details coming soon --


There are advertisements for accommodation currently in the market that are scamming/stealing from people looking for a place to stay.

If you come across an advertisement that does not look legit, or asks you to send them money, please do not fall into the trap.

Remember the old saying "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!"

Please go to our Scam Alert page for more details on how to spot a scam and protect yourself.