Finding a home in Brisbane

How to get started

  1. To search for accommodation

    • Click the "Rooms" tab to search for a room in share accommodation
    • Click the "Properties" tab to search for a vacant property to rent
  2. To list a room/property for rent

    • Click the "Add a listing" tab and follow the prompts

Tips to stay safe:

  • Never give money to a landlord when you haven't personally seen the property
  • Do not pay deposits or send money before you have personally seen the room
  • Never pay money through a funds transfer to someone you don't know
  • Don't trust emails that say "pay money and I will have the keys delivered to you"

Before renting a house or unit 

Link: Renting for Students (RTA)

  • Read the tenancy agreement thoroughly before you pay any money and before you sign it
  • Make sure you keep a copy of the agreement (RTA Form 18a in General tenancy agreement or R18 in Rooming accommodation)
  • Be clear about the rent – how much, when it must be paid, and what it includes (e.g. if utilities, water, furniture or yard maintenance are included)
  • Get receipts for any money you pay (bond or rent) (What is a bond?)
  • Get a copy of the Entry condition report (RTA condition report 1a or R1). Carry out a careful inspection on the property and mark everything you see and take photos of the condition of the property
  • If renting a room, find out about the house rules and any special rules written in the agreement

Download a copy of the

Finding Accommodation Self-Help Flowchart

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