Terms and conditions for providers

The Accommodation database has been designed to help QUT students find accommodation. The database is intended to provide easy access to readily available accommodation and supplements other search facilities external to QUT. To maximise the accommodation information available to students, anyone wishing to list available accommodation may add an advertisement free of charge.

The QUT Accommodation database is privately owned and managed by QUT. The decision to list or not list an accommodation advertisement is at QUT's absolute discretion. QUT reserves the right to not accept or to remove your advertisement from our database at any time. We are under no obligation to notify you or disclose our reasons for doing so, but this does not imply that any personal judgment has been made about you.

Respect and Safety
Disrespect, sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence are not tolerated at QUT

*** UPDATE AS OF JUNE 2017 ***

We have updated our Provider Terms and Conditions.
Please refer to the following document for the full details.

Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Providers (Final) June 2017.pdf