Terms of Service

Homestay Host Terms of Service

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  1. I have applied to QUT to become a homestay host as part of QUT's homestay program.
    I understand that QUT's consideration of my application is conditional upon me agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

  2. I have read the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Homestay Providers and agree to comply with them (and any variations to them notified by QUT).

  3. I understand that:
    • QUT cannot guarantee that a homestay student will be placed with me or that a homestay student will remain in my home for any specified or minimum period of time; and
    • QUT or a homestay student may end a homestay at any time without advanced notice.
  4. I understand that it is the responsibility of a homestay student (not QUT) to pay the homestay fee to me and that I will refund to a homestay student any homestay fee paid to me for any period after the end of a homestay.

  5. I agree that the information provided by me on the following Homestay Family Profile form:
    • is true and correct to the best of my knowledge; and
    • may be used by QUT in connection with the homestay program and disclosed by QUT to actual and prospective homestay students.
  6. I understand that QUT is not responsible for the behaviour of homestay students and that I participate in QUT's homestay program at my own risk.

  7. I release QUT and its officers, employees, agents, and contractors in respect of any loss, damage or claim (including arising from negligence) which I or any resident of or person invited to me home may suffer in connection with my participation in QUT's homestay program.

  8. I will provide a welcoming and safe environment for homestay students.

  9. I will notify QUT's Homestay Coordinator as soon as possible if any difficulties with a homestay student arise.

Homestay Guest Terms of Service

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These Terms and Conditions apply to all applications for Homestay. 
Please make sure you have carefully read and understood these Terms and Conditions before proceeding further.

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